UFC efficiency Institute facts pc: Takedowns no longer as crucial to wins as traditionally thought

LAS VEGAS — The UFC efficiency Institute is main within the areas of harm prevention, nutrients and strength and conditioning for UFC warring parties. those are not the most effective areas the state-of-the-art facility’s staff are , though.

The UFC PI, which is now one year historical, published an eighty-web page analysis ultimate week and the primary section is entitled “winning in the UFC.” UFC efficiency Institute vice president of efficiency Duncan French spoke of at a recent media gathering on the promoting’s campus that the entire, lengthy study became based on that query — how do opponents take fights within the UFC? every thing else, French stated, turned into “reverse engineered” from that.

And the answers to that query could come as a surprise. at least a few of them. UFC corridor of Famer Forrest Griffin, who is now the UFC vp of athlete building, spoke of the leading element that shocked him within the information is that takedown success is only the nineteenth-most important metric concerned in profitable fights in men’s divisions.

“i might have notion from my coaching that the capacity to dictate where the fight is is the most critical factor in a battle,” Griffin noted. “however so far as judging standards and successful a battle, strikes landed to the head is the most vital factor. colossal strikes. these are probably the most important things. It’s now not that takedowns aren’t important. It’s just that of the 167 metrics — data points — which are amassed from every battle, it falls down to 19th. Which surprises you, correct?”

The UFC PI has statistics on how opponents capture fights going again to 2002. some of the numbers are charming. The accurate five “key efficiency warning signs” in UFC fights are:

  • total strikes landed
  • huge strikes success percent
  • total strikes tried
  • Time in floor control
  • significant strikes landed
  • Per the records, seventy two % of the correct-five key efficiency indicators for situs judi bola all weight courses are related to amazing recommendations. The UFC PI broke that suggestions down, division by way of division. Strikes landed is the proper key performance indicator in all however two weight courses — featherweight and flyweight. In those two divisions, time in ground handle isn’t any. 1. Strikes landed is no. 2 in those weight courses, although.

    When it involves size of fights and how they conclusion, those stats aren’t as shocking. Heavyweight fights ultimate simply 8:02 on regular and that quantity goes up because the weight classes get smaller. girls’s strawweight fights are the longest — 12:35 on common.

  • while lengths of fights have gone up 32.2 percent considering that 2002, heavyweight bouts nevertheless conclusion fairly at once and most of the time by way of knockout — a 60.1-percent clip. On the different conclusion of the spectrum, women’s strawweight fights go to determination 65.9 p.c of the time. however girls’s one hundred fifteen-pound fights even have the highest submission percentage of any division: 27.1 percent. For the most half, the lighter the weight, the extra choices there can be.

    In an odd stat, 48.three p.c of girls’s strawweight finishes come through rear-naked choke. listed below are just a few different wonderful numbers:

  • 67.4 of heavyweight finishes come by means of punches
  • women’s bantamweight has the maximum percent of finishes by the use of elbows 15.eight of any division
  • ladies’s bantamweight has the optimum percent of finishes by means of kicks 7.9 and knees 7.9 of any division
  • eleven.6 p.c of featherweight fights end in a guillotine choke, probably the most of any division
  • an extra enjoyable metric: the number of general strikes attempted per minute eight.5 has doubled in the past 16 years within the UFC and the women’s divisions are leading the manner. ladies’s bantamweight eight.87 and women’s strawweight 8.9 have the maximum strike general per minute in the advertising.

    The injury trojan horse

    one of the crucial issues that drives fans and UFC executives crazy — and fees warring parties hundreds of thousands of bucks — is the damage worm in mixed martial arts. The UFC performance Institute is attempting to attack that with science and medication. UFC director of actual therapy Heather Linden, who works on the PI, is a mainstay on the intimate media of fighters in Las Vegas in photos and movies.




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